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Dogs & Horses

Dogs & Horses design and hand-craft our own products at our workshop in London. We use the finest saddlery leather and other quality natural materials to create elegant, practical accessories for dogs and their owners.

In 2006, Dogs & Horses set out to build the finest handmade dog accessories in the world (this is not an exaggeration, really), using only the best materials. In terms of the construction of D&H collars and leads, this meant going back-to-basics. The problem (ahem, ‘challenge’) is that sometimes ‘basics’ is, well, a bit basic. Then we had this brilliant idea: let’s take this traditional craftsmanship and give it some flair. Some style. A modern vibe. Something fashion-led. Because, you know, fashion is about statement. But you want your statement to have substance.

This concept has stood the test of time. Because here they are, ten years on and still loving every minute of what they do.

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