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Train your horse right with the Polar equine products

It helps you:

  • Keep an eye on vital signs for safety and spot problems early
    If there’s anything out of the ordinary in the heart rate of your horse when they’re training, resting or recovering, it may be a sign of
    a looming problem such as injury, illness, or fatigue.
  • Find out how your horse is coping with changes
    When your horse is experiencing something new that stirs their normal routines – travel, new environment, new equipment, learning new skills with new riders – their heart rate may be unusually high. Make the needed changes to set them at ease.
  • Make sure your horse warms up properly before strenuous exercise
    This is helpful information for a recreational rider whose horse may be in a stable all week with minimal activity. You’ll also know when your horse needs rest, too.
  • Train with your horse at the right intensity
    You can adjust each activity session based on your goals. Working too hard for too long invites injury and fatigue, and then again, there’s no progress when not training hard enough.
  • Use interval training with your horse
    If your horse’s heart rate doesn’t return to the recovery target within the rest period, you’ll know if the programme is too hard or too long.
  • Keep track of how your horse is improving
    If the heart rate of your horse is lower at a given running speed and then goes down quicker during recovery, you’ll know that your horse is getting better.

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